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What Services are available.

At Zendec, we strive to provide new and innovative ways of patnering with our customer to make available seemless access to recharge services. Services customers can enjoy include

  • Data Recharge.
  • Cable Subsriptions
  • Airtime TOP-UP
  • Electricity Bills Payment

Discounts we Offer offers discounts for Data, Airtime & Billing Services depending on the user's Plan. Each plan is dertermined by how much the user funds on the Zendec Platform. we offer a variety of plans, allowing you to choose one the befits what you have in mind

Basic Plan

Corporate Plan

Do You Know?

You can earn instant commission on zendec by referring a friend.
Get instant #100 when ever you refer anyone on their first time funding .for refferal bonus minimum funding is 900

Why Us?

There are quite a number of reasons why our customers choose us. Top of these reason are because we provide:

24/7 Support

Our customer support is every ready to assist you; you are our most IMPORTANT customer

Automated Wallet funding

Our wallet funding service is fully automated. You get credited less than a minute after a successful funding

Quick Reponse Time

Your customers dont have to wait for a long time to receive service. Our response time is less than 2 minutes